The Greatest Salesman In The World Book Review


by Michael Flight



One of my favorite books of all time is Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In The World, written in 1968 and is still selling millions of copies to this day. This little book is told in an allegory set in 1 B.C. about a fictional person who has ten scrolls containing life and success principles. The story and scrolls are vehicles for conveying profound life lessons and principles for achieving success and personal growth.

The scrolls cover various aspects of life, such as the power of habits, the importance of love, perseverance, self-worth, living in the present moment, emotional mastery, humor, continual improvement, taking decisive action, and spiritual guidance. Each scroll imparts wisdom that can be applied to all facets of your daily life.

Whether you’re a salesman or not, this book has lessons that apply to all, and at the end of the day, everyone has to be a salesman because you are always representing yourself.

These affirmations and guidance would be what you would say to yourself and post on your mirror.

1. I Will Form Good Habits

What is success but a state of mind? What individuals will define success in the same words? Failure is also described the same: “Failure is man’s (and woman’s) inability to reach his (or her’s) goals in life”. The only difference between those who succeed and those that fail are their habits. Good habits are the key to all success and bad habits are the door to failure. Create good habits and do not falter from them to mold a life rich in purpose and fulfillment.

2. I Will Greet Each Day With Love In My Heart

Avoid becoming paralyzed by the uncertainties of the future; recognize the significance of each day. Every day holds immense potential, so if you seek positive transformation, embrace each new day with expectation, enthusiasm, and love in your heart. Don’t squander your days.

3. I Will Persist Until I Succeed

Treat adversity as a valuable gift. Confront obstacles with unwavering determination until you achieve success. Your inner strength surpasses your awareness; take charge of all your capabilities, pursue relentlessly, and get rid of any backup plans. Remind yourself to persist in the face of difficulties and setbacks, understanding that the journey to success requires unwavering determination.

4. I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle

If you fail to acknowledge and appreciate your inherent gifts, who will? You have unique gifts that are intrinsic to your character, bestowed upon you for a purpose. Encourage self-love and recognize your extraordinary qualities, reinforcing a positive self-image so you can believe in yourself to achieve your goals.

5. I Will Live This Day as If It Is My Last

Recognize and value time. Life is meant to be lived, so don’t squander it on little matters; discern what is important and prioritize it accordingly. Live in the present moment. Understanding the fleeting nature of time, commit to making the most of every day and appreciating life’s moments.

6. I Will Be Master of My Emotions

When emotions control you, you are held captive by them. Emotions change. In moments of fear, uncertainty, or sadness, reaffirm positivity to yourself. Actively work on controlling your emotions, ensuring a more balanced and resilient approach to life.

7. I Will Laugh at the World

You don’t have to take the world so seriously. Sometimes things go wrong, so accept and adapt to the situation. Find humor in challenges to gain resilience and a positive mindset, making the journey more enjoyable.

8. I Will Multiply My Value

As da Vinci once said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” Many people set limits on their capabilities and underestimate their potential. Always keep an open mind, learn on a grand scale, and engage in substantial endeavors. Commit to enhancing my skills and capabilities, understanding that growth is a constant process for greater success.

9. I Will Act Now

Delaying tasks until tomorrow squanders opportunities that could be seized today. Knowledge without application is mere amusement, so act now. The present moment is the right time to act and make positive changes. Seize

10. I Will Pray for Guidance

Seek wisdom, strength, and tranquility; you won’t falter, regardless of the challenges you face. Acknowledging the need for spiritual grounding and seek guidance through prayer, staying connected to a higher purpose in your daily life.

Principles endure. Incorporate these ten timeless doctrines for success into your daily life, and you’ll be prepared to confront whatever unfolds before you.

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