MJF 022 BE IN THE TOP 1%: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Getting Rich in the Investment Property Niche by Bob Helms


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Bob Helms New Book Is A Must Read For Real Estate Investors and Investment Brokers!

MJF 011  BE IN THE TOP 1%: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Getting Rich in the Investment Property Niche by Bob Helms


BE IN THE TOP 1% by Bob Helms

BOB HELMS: The Godfather of Real Estate’s New Book

bob helms

bob helms

It’s official, the book my good friend Bob Helms (The Godfather of Real Estate), authored was released on November 20, 2018.

Bob Helms, BE IN THE TOP 1% is a why to, how to, when to; book for real estate agents who want to become uniquely successful and get RICH in the investment property niche. This book is ideally suited for real estate agents who want to learn to become investment property specialists. Investors desperately need your help, and you can quickly become their go-to agent and valued team member!

Bob’s book is a great resource for new and experienced real estate investors who want to understand how to best work with an agent. And the book will teach you the language of real estate. This book will make an excellent gift for anyone on your list interested in real estate investment!

Book Review

BE IN THE TOP 1%:  A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Getting Rich in the Investment Property Niche by Bob Helms

Bob Helms has probably forgotten more about real estate investment than most of real estate investment gurus out there today.

This book was written for real estate agents who are considering a move into selling income property (Income Property Specialists). But most importantly it is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to know more about real estate investment and the real estate investment process.

Bob not only covers how to be a successful Income Property Specialist broker but also really nails successful real estate investing, property management, income property evaluation, accelerated depreciation and the case for investing in real estate.

His examples of how to analyze a potential commercial property investment using an Annual Property Operating Datasheet (APOD) shows that Bob is a master educator.  In addition, Bob goes into detail on 1031 Exchanges, real estate syndications and what to look for in a potential partner.

Bob’s background in High Tech and real estate sales shows through with all the great sales tips. Plus he includes an entire chapter on best practices and habits for successful real estate agent.

I highly recommend this book to agents and real estate investors.

It is one of those rare books that explain a lot to new investors/agents while being a great refresher and pep talk to those of us who have been in the trenches for the past 30+ years. It shows why Bob’s nickname is “The Godfather of Real Estate”.

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