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The 15 Largest Malls In The World As Measured By Retail Leaseable Area as of 2018

Malls in one form or another have been around since man ( and women ) began to trade.  Starting with gathering at a city gate, then grouping of shops within walled cities, to the Persian Bazaar ( Bāzār ), Greek Agora, Roman Forum, African Souq, Arcades and Gallerias.

Malls are an American name for larger shopping centers Malls are typically enclosed, with a roof over a climate-controlled corridor between two facing rows of stores.  Malls at their very best have always combined merchandise with entertainment and eating. Our criteria for inclusion on this list is based on the retail portion of the development.  There are some very large developments that include hotels, office towers, theme parks and residential. We tried to distill down this list to they actual store and shopping center Gross Leasaeble Area ( GLA ).  We welcome submissions, comments and corrections below.

The 15 Largest Malls In The World Are:

  1. New South China Mall  ( 新华南Mall ) in Dongguan, China   ( 660,000 square meters / 7,100,000 square feet )  – 2,350 stores
  1. Golden Resources Mall (Jin Yuan – 金源时代购物中心 ) in Beijing, China ( 557,419 square meters / 6,000,010 square feet ) – 1,600 Stores
  1. Dubai Mall ( دبي مول ‎ ) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates     ( 502,000 square meters /5,400,000 square feet ) – 1,200 stores
  1. SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, Philippines    ( 474,000 square meters / 5,100,000 square feet ) – 500 stores
  1. Isfahan City Center ( اصفهان ) in Isfahan, Iran   ( 465,500 square meters / 5,011,000 square feet ) – 700+ stores
  1. Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States ( 452,000 square meters / 4,870,000 square feet/ ) – 500+ stores
  1. SM Mall of Asia in Bay City, Pasay, Philippines     ( 406,962 square meters / 4,380,500 square feet ) – 600 stores
  1. Siam Paragon ( สยามพารากอน ) Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand  ( 400,000 square meters / 4,305,564 square feet) – 575+ stores
  1. West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  ( 350,000 square meters / 3,800,000 square feet ) – 800+ stores
  1. Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  ( 319,586 square meters / 3, 440,000 million square feet ) – 1,000+ stores
  1. Lotte World Mall ( 롯데월드몰 ) in Songpa District, Seoul, South Korea. ( 304,081 square meters / 3,273,100 sq ft ) – 786 stores
  1. King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania ( 270,000 square meters / 2,900,000 square feet ) – 450 stores
  1. CentralWorld ( เซ็นทรัลเวิลด์ ) in Bangkok, Thailand: ( 141,029 square meters / 1,518,023 square feet ) – 495 stores


     15. Istanbul Cevahir (  İstanbul Cevahir ) in Istanbul, Turkey ( 110,000 square meters / 1,184,000 sq ft) – 406 stores

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If you feel a shopping center or mall should be added or subtracted from this list please leave a comment below.  We also welcome any corrections or clarifications to create the most accurate listing:

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